A Birthday Hack

OK, for starters I am not Lloyed.  The owner of this website is currently asleep.

It’s Mr. LVP’s Birthday.  At the strike of midnight, the kids and I surprised him with a cake and showed him a video that I secretly made. Surprises have taken a hiatus in our household since God knows when so let’s just say I wanted to do something extra special for him this year.

I remember being 18 and so hopelessly head-over-heels in love.  That feeling of excitement while carefully planning every single detail made my heart flutter.  Back then, Lloyed and I would do whatever it took just to make things extra special.  But one responsibility after the other and eventually our relationship progressed into a different kind – knowing, trusting and secure.  One that takes refuge in snuggling or watching PSY on iWanTV (We are jologs and proud of it).  One that is comfortable in silence and simple things.  A kind of love that doesn’t need fireworks.

Yet it wouldn’t hurt to get a few whistle bombs every now and then, don’t you think?

So today hon, the spontaneous mom decides to hack into your website, invade your business privacy to greet you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  May the good Lord give you good health and happiness for all the years of your life.  Life’s a challenge but it’s one I’d willingly take with you. You know that I love you, but I’ll still say it.

I am not sure if this page will be here until after the HACKER GETS CAUGHT but while it still is, take a look at this:

Note:  You need to turn the volume to maximum level.

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