Firestarter Workshop At The Manila Peninsula

The Firestarter Workshop

First of all, this post has been long overdue like so many others.  But I don’t want it to be half baked, I’m back, I’m full-time and I’m full time.  Haha.

When I got into wedding photography in 2011, there were a number of people who populated my “idol” list.  One of the frontrunners would be Jeff & Lisa.  I used to tell my wife that among the many wedding photographers, Jeff & Lisa are really my top idols.  Probably because I feel that I can identify with them most. The style, the photos and surprisingly, we have many similarities when it comes to character.

I’d like to consider myself a struggling artist.  Struggling in a sense that I sometimes have doubts even to a point when I question my talent or the lack of it.  But every time I read their blog posts, I feel an exciting jolt of renewal.  I read their stories, look at their photos, get inspired and tell myself “I wanna be just like them”.   But I feel that I am just like them, too.  They open their lives through their posts in the same way that I open myself up to my clients.

I have to be really honest though.  All those fears and doubts, they never really left me.  I was struggling to build my identity as an artist, as a photographer.  If someone asked me what set me apart from others, I couldn’t quite come up with the right words.  I wasn’t out of the box.  I wasn’t the-first-who-got-this-shot type of photographer.  I wasn’t all these things.

But when I joined Firestarter workshop, it gave a totally new perspective on self-appreciation.  It made me realize a number of things.  First, that an introvert (like me) CAN be successful.  Second, there are so many things you couldn’t be but that’s not what’s important.  The most important thing is WHO and WHAT YOU ARE and WHAT YOU CAN BE.  Lastly, the workshop gave me the liberating validation that I needed for the longest time and now I’ve finally gathered up all the courage and decided to leave my Engineering profession for the love of photography.

Now if you ask me what LVP is about.  It’s about love and passion.  Because of the love I have for my family and my passion for photography, LVP was born.  So while a bride spends sleepless nights trying to perfect all the details for her special day, I also spend all my days striving to perfect my passion… so that on her wedding day, I may be able to capture all the beautiful memories that matter to her.  And when the wedding is over, I will make sure the memories are not just forever left in her heart but can be touched by her hands.

Now if you ask me what sets LVP apart?  It’s not just about you being beautiful, it’s also about the beauty in each photograph.  It isn’t also just about the beauty of the photos but about how each of my photos made you feel.  After all, LVP is not about anything else but the overall experience. ☺


Gorgeous Real Life Couple: Paolo and Kat

Gown: Veluz
Bouquet: Vatel Manila
MUA: Chichi Sotomil
Hotel: The Peninsula Manila
Bride’s Shoes: Sugarfree
Firestarter Logo and Collateral: Fozzy Castro-Dayrit


I just had to take a snapshot of Jeff…

Behind the scenes:



The Best Mentors!  None other than Jeff & Lisa the Godsends

The very inspiring Nelwin Uy

The dynamic and passionate Jason Magbanua

The very warm and friendly Benz Co-Rana of Weddings At Work

The food?  Of course, how can you resist the yummy food of Manila Peninsula?  This definitely helped me pay more attention. *wink*


Can’t wait to see you guys again!

April 18, 2013 - 4:45 AM

Jeff - Bai Lloyed, I love your post and I can also relate to everything you wrote down. Up to now, I have doubts & fears. Just before every shoot, my fingers shake like crazy. I hope I’m not the only one but you are right Bai. It’s about who you are, & what you can be 🙂 Thanks for sharing this one Bai Lloyed. I hope to have coffee with you and the rest of the gang soon. Chill2x lang gud. You know… The Beloved Collective 🙂

Cheers to being Full Time. I’m following your footsteps this August!!!

~ Jeff

April 18, 2013 - 6:00 AM

MJane - Superb! You’ve got an eye for beauty and an instinct for the perfect moment to capture. A talent like yours should be shared and the world will surely be a better and brighter place. Go Lloydy honey! God bless!

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