Sean Preston’s 1st Dino Birthday

Sean Preston 1st Birthday

Cupcakes: Sweet Little Things (SLT) by Sandra Hung – Lee
Cake: House of Cakes by Jocelyn Co-Tiu
Coordination/Host: Emcel G. Abutanmo

RAWR! means I LOVE YOU in Dinosaur.”

And yes there’s nothing more that we can say except RAWR to this colorful 1st Birthday Dino Adventure of little Sean Preston.  Daddy PJ and Mommy Sandra’s tireless efforts of putting this party together won’t go extinct for sure.  From the hanging pterodactyls to the yummy dino treats, everything is just perfect.  Oh, and they definitely took us back the to Mesozoic Era alright!  Take a look at these beautiful photos for yourself and I’m certain you won’t be able to hold your back.  Oops I heard you say RAWR.  Gotcha!

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