Ysabela Llouise 2nd Birthday

Ysabela Llouise Birthday

Stylist: April Mae Valencia-Carrillo of First of April
Coordination: Leah Doris Doria of Bride’s Bestfriend
Cakes and Desserts: Annelise Jurado Caguitla of Torta og Uban Pa
Hair and Make-up Artist: Judie Gabato
Wardrobe: Jill Carbonilla-Valenzuela – The LVP Wife

As I breeze through the reminiscent portraits of this precious little girl, I can’t help but be a bit nostalgic.  I still can’t believe it’s been two years!  Could you imagine how she has grown from fitting into a small basket into an adorable princess who fits just perfectly in my arms.  With her mischievous smiles and smug looks, she can easily sweep me off my feet and light up my day with her tight hugs.  It’s true what they say that a daughter holds a special place in her daddy’s heart.

This is my Ysabela Llouise and when she had her 2nd birthday I made sure I was on top of all the details!  I even made sure that our family shoot went perfectly well.  What I didn’t expect was with three kids on a hot, sunny afternoon there was only one way to go – to let them loose and enjoy each moment!  With a great team to back me up on my concept, Ysa’s birthday turned out to be simply perfect.  So without further adieu, here are the photos from my very own daughter’s second birthday party!  Happy Birthday Ysabela Llouise!

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