St Benedict Birthday Party | Jim Edward

Jim Edward’s 6th Birthday Party

Location: St Benedict Childhood Educational Center

Six years ago, it was a mix of emotions when we welcomed a cute baby boy to our family whom we fondly called Baby Matmat.  We were happy, excited, scared and worried all at the same time.   The situation at that time was so much different than it is now because back then, my wife and I were both very young, too young.  But when he came, he brought so much happiness into our lives that the mere sight of him on his crib and watching him as he slept, yawned or cried gave us a deep feeling of contentment.   Everyone loved him.  In fact, his grannies adored him so much that every time his Daddy lolo and Momsie went to SM they never failed to bring home something for him, be it a set of new onesies or pyjamas or even his one month supply of Wilkins.  Whatever they saw for him, they would take it home.  His Mama Lo on the other hand was always there to spoil him by giving him whatever he wanted because he was deeply loved.  He was everyone’s first nephew.  Everyone’s first apo.

Six years has passed, and this little boy is now called JimJim.  He now has a mind of his own and is capable of making decisions.  He even wants to make decisions on things that he shouldn’t be the one deciding on! hehe!  He argues with all his heart every time he thinks he’s correct.  He is no longer the same little boy who just yawns and sleeps on his crib.  He loves to play games, he knows how to open and can play Plants vs Zombies.  He knows how to follow rules and not watch TV on weekdays.  When he says “Yahoo” he then says “”.  hehe! He’s a big boy and a gentle one at that.  Not all grown-up yet but he is capable of giving so much love.  He loves his mother so much that he doesn’t want her to get sad or get hurt.  He is very protective of her and seeing this makes my heart swell with pride.  Nobody teaches him these things but I guess he sees how much I love his mother that it’s something that I don’t have to teach him. 🙂

Years may have passed but he still brings so much happiness to us.  As a father, I find myself always caught in a place where I find it hard to draw the line between love and discipline.  You see, between me and my wife, I have the tendency of spoiling my kids.  Maybe it has to do with how we started out not having so much and now that I am capable, I want to give and provide for them as much as I could.  I was away from my son for three years since he was a baby when I was assigned to work in Japan.  Now, I bring him to school everyday making sure he never gets late (since his mom is not much of a morning person! haha) 😀  Every single day I remind him to be very good in school, do his schoolwork perfectly and always listen to his teachers; and everyday, I remain thankful because I can physically be there for him.

I love you my little boy.  You will always be a baby to us.  Right now, you might not be able to see my website, let alone understand this post.  But maybe one day in the next few years when you’ll be able to look at your father’s website, I hope that you’ll be able to appreciate this and every other thing that I do for you.  I love you Jim Edward, Happy Birthday and you make me very proud!

Special thanks to my wife for the very nice cake.  Honey, you made our son very happy and proud of his one-of-a-kind cake on his birthday.

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