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A Very Special Maternity Shoot

I thought my biggest challenge for the year was juggling a day job while being passionately immersed and committed to LVP and my clients.  But mid-March, I received the biggest news (you can call it a shocking surprise to be more exact) of my entire existence. My wife and I are expecting… Another Baby!

Of course, as a very hands-on father to two equally adorable boys, you realize that having children is an extremely serious matter. But all the more when you have already laid out your plans and suddenly things have somehow taken a different turn.

But after all the shock, fear and apprehension has settled; the excitement slowly crept in and now it’s almost uncontainable. Because finally, we’ll be having a little princess and with God’s love and care, she’s scheduled to see the world on Tuesday, November 20th.

So before our little baby girl comes out, here’s my wife Jill’s recent maternity shoot taken on her 37th week (last week).  We had the shoot in the confines of our bedroom since it was a rainy day.  Also, we got the little boys involved which was a bit challenging.  I’ll be posting them on this blog soon.

Credits to Lord Maturan for Jill’s very beautiful gown, to Jill’s handy dandy closet for all the other clothes and to Judie Gabato for the HMUA.

I’ll be posting the boys’ photos on a separate blog post soon.

November 18, 2012 - 4:33 PM

lleanette - Lovely, lovely pics!! I can see their happiness and it makes me happy, too. Obvious kaau na enjoy sila – especially Coby, grabe kadaku sa katawa with sexy Momma. Most of all, the reserved type Jimjim naki party pod ha..Great job, Lloyed!!!

November 19, 2012 - 12:32 AM

yvanz - horrayyy!! looking forward to meet you ysabella! 🙂

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