An Ode to my beautiful wife….

I am a very lucky guy.  For so many reasons, really.  But if there’s one thing I consider myself most lucky with, it’s having been given the best wife in the whole wide universe!  My wife, my best friend and my partner-in-crime whom I share telepathy with, Jill, is God’s greatest gift to me.  She is a great mother to our children, a good daughter and sibling but simply put, she is just a genuinely great person – the perfect package.  Why?  Because she has a BIG HEART.

She loves with all her heart and because of that love for her husband (me! ehem), Lloyed Valenzuela Photography came to life.  She is the brains behind this all and now that my first year into this totally different industry is almost coming to a close, I would like to thank her.  Being an engineer by profession, there were times during this year when I met very challenging obstacles; but her positivity, passion and contagious enthusiasm is what kept me going.

Let me tell you something about my wife.  Jill is a Unit Manager in one of the top Financial Institutions of this country.  She’s a very young manager at 26, actually she’s really very young.  In fact, too young to handle all the responsibilities she’s taking in.  Anyway, our day usually starts with waking up our six-year old son, Jim.  We bathe him, feed him and send him to school.  Then after that, it’s Jill’s ball game.

She goes to the office, checks on her to-do-list, fetches Jim, sends him back home, returns to the office and does a lot of work again.  See, she manages seven individuals (while always looking for more people) and helps them with all her might to be successful in their profession while having to service hundreds of client accounts as well.  On top of that, she makes sure everything is in place in the house, tutors Jim, plays with our toddler Coby, and spends some quality time with me in spite it all.  Sometimes, I can say she’s Superwoman trapped in a chunkier body hehe (Peace hon, I lab you!)

But guess what, she may be this busy but she always manages to squirm in a lot of time in helping me out with the business.  She does a lot of things for LVP and I am not ashamed to shout to the world that if ever Lloyed Valenzuela Photography becomes successful in the future, Jill is the reason behind it all.  She is the brains of LVP, her business savvy and marketing genius will take us to the direction we want to go to and will help us accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves. (Crossing Fingers, that is. hehe)

I notice that my post is getting longer than I originally planned haha!  But I guess when it’s about someone you love, it’s difficult to compress your thoughts.  In fact, I have written a number of reasons why I love my wife, but let me tell you what I love most about her.  It’s that she may be the brains of LVP, but she never fails to remind me that I AM THE SOUL AND CORE OF LLOYED VALENZUELA PHOTOGRAPHY.  She has never failed to empower me because at the end of the day, she let’s me make all the decisions. Jill has always given me the freehand to do what I want to do about this business and I thank her a lot for that. ☺

So this Christmas, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to my family in Toronto and Cebu along with my friends for the great overwhelming support but most especially to my very beautiful wife, Jillean Desiree.  Thank you for believing in me and my craft., I love you very much honey!  Lastly, I hope to shoot more weddings in the future and I pray that we all reach our dreams!  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

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