Toronto Destination Christening | Kate Gabrielle

Kate Gabrielle Christening

Fondant Cake creations by Jill Valenzuela (I’m one proud husband!) and cupcakes by Jill’s Mom, Lleanette

I have to make a confession – I’ve always been a private person.  For the longest time I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea of sharing myself to people outside my personal bubble.  But ever since I started photography, I have learned to look at things differently.  Because when I look at the photos I take, I see the candid emotions that each of them convey. So, I realized that there’s really nothing wrong with sharing my life to the world in the same way I have made my photographs very personal not only to the people involved but to the viewers as well.

On that note, I’d like to share about one of the biggest highlights of my 2011:  Our family trip to Canada.  It was a trip with a lot of firsts.  It was the first time my whole family got to spend the Christmas holidays with my wife’s side of the family.  Aside from that, it was my first time to go on a transatlantic flight, my sons’ first taste of snow and our very first time to ever see our first and only niece, first and only first-cousin of our sons and the first and only granddaughter of my parents-in-law!  Who said you couldn’t overuse the word “first” in a sentence? Haha.

So here are the photos I’ve taken from Kate Gabrielle’s recent Christening.  I’m sure this adorable, cuddly little baby make her parents and all of us proud.  Welcome to the Christian World Baby Kate!!

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