Singapore Botanic Gardens | Ericka Danielle

Ericka Danielle Fernandez

Location: Singapore Botanic Garden

I recently went to Singapore to shoot a prenup but since my wife was also there for a company event, who could say no to a few days of fun and relaxation?!?! Especially that we rarely get to travel without the kids in tow!  😉 On a side note, the pics for the recent prenup will be posted a month before the wedding unless otherwise requested by the couple.  So we went on our way exploring SG and reconnecting with old friends.  Among others, we met with Aiza, one of our friends from UP, who brought her beautiful daughter Ikai for a photoshoot and they were in top gear bringing lots of outfit changes and even props! hehe 🙂

Ericka Danielle more fondly called as Ikai is a young girl of many surprises.  You’d see her move as if she were a 16-year old lady trapped in a 4-year old girl’s body.  She would walk, eat, and comb and flip her hair with so much grace you’d wonder how she’d be like when she finally comes of age.  In fact, she was in the middle of a tantrum when I asked her if she wanted to become a model and she said “YES” in between sobs.  Perhaps, she’d been trained by the best! 😉 haha

So here are the pics of Ericka Danielle Laugo Fernandez taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.  Enjoy!

March 4, 2011 - 3:00 PM

lita fernandez - excellent photography, with a beautiful model, my first and only granddaughter for now.thanks. haha

March 6, 2011 - 9:08 PM

Lleanette - Nice shots!!!! I really like all the shots. Amazing pod kaau si Ikai magpose oi. Murag naman og dalagang gamay. Naa jud future sa modeling kining bat-ana…Kudos to you both!!

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