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Lloyed Valenzuela Photography takes pride in the quality of professional service we provide.

Our talent speaks for itself as evidently shown in our photos.

Our service, on the other hand, you will only get to experience when you meet us up close.

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“After all, when people see the value; almost always, they don’t mind the cost – literally and figuratively.”




Lloyed Valenzuela (Engr.)
CEO and Main Photographer

As an engineer by profession, Lloyed worked in the Academe, Semiconductor and IT industry for 10 years combined. He started his career right after graduation as an Instructor at the University of the Philippines – Cebu and when he passed the board exam he went to work in a semiconductor company in Cavite. Later on, he was offered a job in IT, which brought him to Tokyo, Japan where he worked in IBM Thinkpad (now Lenovo) for almost four years.

Lloyed became a photo-hobbyist when he purchased his very first DSLR in Tokyo. When he went back to Cebu, he got more immersed in his newfound hobby. Eventually, Lloyed grew fond of wedding photography and he left his day job in May 2013 to pursue his passion through LVP (Lloyed Valenzuela Photography).  His photography style is best described here.

As a couple, Lloyed and his wife love to explore the world together through travel and food. Toronto, Montreal, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore are a few of their favorite cities among the many places they’ve been to. Hence, Lloyed embraces the trade name Destination Wedding Photographer.

Degree: BS Electronics and Communications Engineer, Cum Laude
School/s: Cebu City National Science High School, CIT
Hobbies: Taking photos, Travel, Watching movies with the family
Favorite Food: Pasta Marinara, Ramen and everything Japanese, Fruit Salad
Sport: Eating (as of now), Running (in the future) | Hashtag: #teamLVP


Chief Inspiration Officers


Degree: BS Computer Science
School/s: Cebu City National Science High School, UP-Cebu
Hobbies: Travel, Baking, Cooking, Reading Books, Arts and Crafts, Fashion
Favorite Food: Fresh Lumpia, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Tocino
Sport: Cleaning the house (if that counts) | Hashtag: #teamMamaBear

Pixie Dust by LVP is the brainchild of LVP’s very own Jill. After seeing Lloyed’s magic when dealing with children (probably attributed to his parenting experience), a special sub-brand of LVP was created. Pixie Dust by LVP paves way for family, maternity and children photography.

Lloyed usually describes Jill as a woman with overflowing passion in whatever she does (be it baking for her kids or managing her team). She is one of the youngest managers in a multinational Life Insurance Company and lives on a very hectic daily schedule. Yet, in spite of it all she manages to be on top of her children’s activities from training her son for a storytelling contest to sewing her kid’s UN costumes.

Lloyed collaborates with Jill on many aspects of artistry especially in the area of branding and marketing. Her web programming experience has also made her LVP’s resident IT person (when needed). Regardless of her enormous responsibilities at work, she stays behind Lloyed in whatever endeavor he wants to pursue. Indeed, the LVP couple runs a tight shift yet they work like a well-oiled machine because God is in the center of their lives.

Jillean Desiree Carbonilla-Valenzuela
Chief of Brand Communications, SuperMom




Jim Edward Valenzuela, Chief Storyteller


Jim has an amazing gift with words. In fact, whether asked or not, he never fails to give a blow-by-blow account of every situation. From stories about his brother getting his toys without permission to the lapses of his sister’s nanny, you can definitely count on Jim to tell you the news fresh from the oven. He cracks up the corniest jokes and his out-of-the-blue words of wisdom can sometimes leave you speechless.

He was given to the LVP family at a time when they had nothing more but love and dreams.  Jim was the best blessing even when it wasn’t the best of circumstances.  Yet, he witnessed the LVP journey from the start and one day he’ll be the one to tell the world about it.

School: Grade 3 – St. Benedict Childhood Education Centre
Birthday:  January 29 | Age: 10 years old
Hobbies: Reading books, Playing with siblings, Cooking/baking with Mom
Favorite Food: Pizza and Burgers
Sport: Basketball | Hashtag: #JimintheGym


Jacob Ethan Valenzuela, Chief of Public Relations


School: K1 – St. Benedict Childhood Education Centre
Birthday:  February 16 | Age: 5 years old
Hobbies: Copying whatever his brother is doing, playing
Favorite Food: Chocolate and Ice Cream
Sport: Basketball | Hashtag: #CobyCake


Jacob who is warmly called Coby is the most personable of all the LVP brood. You bring him anywhere and he could make new friends instantly. He is also the child who kisses other people when told so (and sometimes even when not) and he has no idea what personal space means. Yet he gets away with anything because of his natural charm.

Jacob dances and sings without apprehension and speaks his mind without hesitation. He is a walking ball of energy and the whole world is his happy place. Hence, he is the head of our PR department – a title he rightfully deserves.



Ysabela Llouise Valenzuela, Chief of Entertainment

Birthday:  November 20 | Age: 2 years old
Hobbies: Playing with the brothers, Crying, Drama, Pouting
Favorite Food: Anything meaty
Sport: Basketball & Wrestling | Hashtag: #PrettyLittleYsa


A normal LVP morning starts with this little darling waking the house up. Ysabela is LVP’s resident alarm clock. She lights up each day with her mischievous smiles, warm hugs and butterfly kisses.

She is the Chief of Entertainment, as she never ceases to pull out her ever-dynamic bag of tricks. From eye rolling and cold stares to heart wrenching acrobatic twists and cabinet climbing skills. She’s undeniably an amusingly delightful baby doll.

Her linguistic proficiency and vocabulary range is limited to a few gibberish yet she always finds a way to convey herself effectively. She may be timid at first, but once she warms up that’s when the real entertainment begins. It is without a doubt that she is daddy’s little girl.


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